The importance of pot odds

When playing online poker it is important to play the percentages, over time these percentages will determine whether you are a winning player or not. Otherwise you will just be gambling, in the short term it is possible to win money against the odds. Using poker tools to understand the poker odds is the quickest way to learn them and can save new players a lot of money. Consider these tools as a learning aid or training wheels.

Ultimate Poker and Omaha Tools and Online Statistics Tracking

We have put together a selection of poker tools that are commonly used by players, some of these tools will provide essential support to your game and should be considered as an investment as well as a necessity.. A poker calculator can provide critical information for players who are not familiar with pot odds and can be the foundation of establishing correct actions, this can even be a good fallback for veteran players as an analysis of gameplay.Virtually every profitable poker player uses tracking or statistic software to monitor and improve their poker gameplay. Why sit down at a poker table and play blind when you can get the heads up on your opposition using state of the art poker software that gives you access to massive poker player databases, all the work has been done for you, all you need to do is download and start making the money.

Holdem Manager and Omaha Manager

There are many poker manager programs on the market but none come anywhere near Holdem Manager and Omaha Manager, offering detailed statistics on your play as well as a unique HUD which can be configured to show information regarding where players are most likely to fold, raise, 3 bet and of course whether or not they are a winning or losing player. Included in this comprehensive poker statistic package is leak buster that will analyse your game and show your weaknesses, if you are serious about poker this is a must have tool, but don't take our word for it, test-drive the tracking software with a free 14 day trial

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Shark Scope

Sharkscope is the ultimate in getting the lo-down on other players, you can get profit and loss details, games played, and a vast array of other statistics, also available is a Shark HUD which you can run alongside your poker game giving you that extra edge and making it easy to identify who are the fish and who are the sharks. Either you can pay to have full access to all these features or you can use their comprehensive poker database to complete up to 5 free searches per day. All in all Sharkscope is one of the ultimate poker tools, and if your a heads up player you will find this a necessity for identifying weaker opponents

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Gain access to stats on 90% of your opponents!

Win More TODAY with Poker-Edge Software

The Poker-Edge software gives you access to our massive database of player statistics. Our cutting edge software shows you the strengths, weaknesses, betting patterns and stats of all your opponents in REAL TIME while you play! Armed with knowledge of a player's past and current tendencies, you can predict his future behavior...

  • Know Everyone's Playing Style and Real-Time Stats

  • Play at the Easiest and Most Profitable Tables

  • Instantly Identify the FISH and SHARKS

  • Improve Your Game by Knowing Your Stats

  • Gain an EDGE Over Every Other Player

Improve your own game by tracking your play. Compare your stats to other players and see how you stack up. Identify your leaks and increase your profits!
This is the ultimate software in following online poker player stats and certainly will give you an edge when playing, if your taking poker seriously then you need the right tools for the job and this should be one of them

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Sit & Go Shark

Are you tired of finishing out of the money in Sit & Go Tournaments?
Yeah? Well, then you need to get Sit & Go Shark. Sit & Go Shark is a poker odds calculator developed by poker pro and author Roy Rounder.Poker odds calculators, wildly helpful to players in the fast-paced online poker environment as they offer real-time advice based on the strength of the player's hand, are quickly becoming the norm in online Texas Holdem poker, but Sit & Go Shark does more than just calculate your odds of winning.

Sit and Go Shark is a one-of-a-kind poker tool, and its advice is based on Roy Rounder's own proven approach to online Texas Holdem poker. It uses a complex mathematical algorithm to help the player determine the proper play in every situation. Shark instantly compiles data based on current table circumstances - considering everything from the player's cards to blinds to positioning to pot odds and much more on every single hand.

Sit & Go Shark then digs deep into the massive database of Roy Rounder's Texas Holdem poker rules to offer the best advice for the player. And all of this dynamic poker advice displays right beside the table and in real-time. So while Shark works, the player plays.

Sit & Go Shark is the only online poker aid created specifically for the ever-popular Sit & Go tournaments, and it's the first one to tap into Roy Rounder's own personal database of Texas Holdem poker strategies.
The best part is you can get Sit & Go Shark for FREE just by opening a new account with one of their partner poker rooms

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