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A lottery or lotto is a form of wagering which is based on the drawing of lots, numbers or cards for a prize. At the start of the 20th century, most forms of gambling, including lotteries were illegal in many countries, including America.and most of Europe. This remained so until after the second world war where In the 1960s casinos and lotteries began to emerge throughout the world as a means to raise revenue in addition to taxes.

Lotteries and lottos come in a myriad of different forms .Dependant on the type of lottery, prizes can include, cash, cars, speedboats, even dream houses, there has also been lotteries whereas the jackpot winner receives their bills paid for a year. Usually the prize fund is calculated on a percentage of sales.. A popular form of this known as the fifty-fifty draw, where fifty percent is guaranteed in prize pool. As technology moves on recent lotteries allow those purchasing tickets to select the numbers on the lottery ticket which of course can create several winners or even what is known as a roll-over where if the jackpot fund isn’t won then it carries over to the next week.This has created a breed of syndicates that target such lotteries wagering huge amounts to cover permutations in the hope of winning triple roll over jackpots and many companies have sprung up offering players the opportunity to take part in large syndicates to reduce the odds of winning. The purchase of tickets by large groups makes no sense as this then creates a smaller share for everyone involved but it can add to the odds of getting back a return and adds to the excitement of the dream. Here at Furness Poker we aim to bring you realistic games as well as offers that give you an edge over the normal punter. We wish you the very best of luck and hope your dreams come true and are successful against the odds.

The National Lottery Online Tickets and Results

Never miss buying your tickets again, especially on those rollover nights with the National Lottery Online, you can buy up to eight weeks worth of lottery tickets without having to leave the comfort of your own home via their safe secure site, you can check your lottery results online, any time of the day, take part in their daily picks, scratch cards and other fun games. Signing up couldn’t be simpler just click the banner below, follow the easy instructions to set up your personal lottery account and we hope you walk away a millionaire


The Best Odds of Winning – System Revealed

What does

Simply put, lets people play big lotteries in other countries. Some of the huge lotteries that gives people access to includes the Powerball (USA), MegaMillions (USA), EuroMillions (Europe) and SuperEnalotto (Italy). Whatever lottery you’re looking for, chances are that TheLotter has it, and their software makes finding these lotteries easy.


TheLotter VIP Club is one of the best promotions that you’ll find in the international lottery game. For every $1 a person spends on lottery tickets, they get 1 VIP point; the more points they earn, the higher they advance in the club. Those at the Platinum level get 20% off of all new purchases, so it’s definitely worth looking into. Other promotions include Tell a Friend (receive $25 for getting a friend to join), Multi-Draw packages (get a 20% discount for playing consecutive draws) and Buy One, Get One Free (get a 100% match on the first ticket you buy).

Customer Support/Languages

What really sets apart from other sites is their customer support and variety of languages. You can either contact through live chat or email them with questions; you’ll receive a fast response too. Also, the site is offered in 10 different languages, so lots of different nationalities can play here. And it’s definitely worth playing here too since TheLotter not only offers great customer support, but also plenty of big promotions

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