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Blackjack, also known as 21 , Vingt-et-un (French for Twenty-one), or Pontoon, is the most widely played casino banking game in the world The standard game is played with one or more decks of playing cards. The basics of the game involve totalling the value of an initial two card hand in hopes of being dealt a value of twenty-one. If a value of less than twenty-one is dealt, the player may choose to be dealt single cards until they either reach a value of twenty one, reach a value they feel comfortable to play, or reach a value that exceeds twenty-one whereas they are then busted and lose their stake on that particular hand. The winner or winners (In the case of multi-hand blackjack holds a hand with a value of, or nearest to, twenty-one without exceeding it When playing against the dealer it is imperative to make the right judgement of whether to stick (take no more cards), twist (Take another card) or even double (Depending on which blackjack rules you are playing, usually if you are dealt cards totalling ten or eleven you can double your stake in exchange for one more card) The game is played in many variations at casinos with different table rules. Much of blackjack’s popularity is due to the mix of chance, skill, and the publicity that surrounds card counting (calculating the probability of advantages based on the ratio of high cards to low cards). Made even more popular by the box office smash film of 2008, 21 starring Sean Penn and Kevin Spacey based on the true story of a group of Harvard students who took Las Vegas casinos for over half a million. when playing blackjack one of the important aspects is to consider what the dealer is holding in relation to your own two cards, obviously you can only see one of the dealers cards and this is what should influence whether you stick, twist, split, double or in some games surrender (This allows you to fold and retain 50% of your original stake. We have included below a Blackjack Cheat sheet or better known as a strategy guide that will give you the best chance to beat the house. We hope that you have fun playing blackjack and if your considering taking up the game then we will be glad to give you the best blackjack bonuses available on the internet, just check our banners out on the right for free blackjack cash as well as on new games such as head-2-head blackjack where players battle it out without the house edge, a truly skill blackjack game.
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Although the house has a slight edge, online blackjack can be a very profitable and enjoyable pastime, playing correctly is vital to make a profit, we have compiled a cheat sheet giving blackjack players the correct action to take, if you use this coupled with the best deposit offers we have on this page for blackjack you will be giving yourself the best chance to make money playing blackjack and like most profiting blackjack players after using our blackjack guide you will soon learn whether to hit, fold, doubledown and split without the need to refer to it.

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Head-to-head Blackjack – Beat your opponent not the dealer

Playing Blackjack at a traditional casino means you’re always trying to beat the house. The house has a slight advantage over the players and even though knowing how to play the game and using developed strategies will even your chances of beating the dealer, it’s the house who always wins. So, how is head-to-head Blackjack at a different experience for the blackjack players?

Here are some points that will help you understand this unique game:

Two players sit at the blackjack table and decide the amount of cash they will bet for each game.
Each player receive an equal amount of casino chips “dollars”.
In each game, the players will play through a pre-set number of rounds, one hand per round (five, ten or forty-hand game)
Each round, both players will try to beat the dealer’s hand to build up their chip-stack.
To win any round, players must beat the dealer’s hand by having a hand worth more in terms of combined face value, without going over a total of 21.
At the end of the last round, the player with the biggest chip-stack wins the game and takes the money, not the dealer.
At this point you might be thinking “wait a second, if I need to beat the dealer’s hand to build up my chip-stack, then I am playing against the house, aren’t I?” Well, here’s where things get very interesting.

The first thing to note is that playing head-to-head Blackjack means that a real person always wins, not the house. This means that if you lose, your opponent will be taking your money, not the house. The second thing is that because you and your opponent start the game with an exact equal chip-stack and play a pre-set number of hands per game, winning is not determined by who wins more hands but rather who builds the bigger stack. To win, you’ll need a solid betting strategy as well as the basic blackjack strategy, you can get blackjack tips and hints at our online forum. Knowing how much to bet in each hand and when to Hit, Stand, or Double, will certainly make the differences between winning and losing. This combination of skill and strategy means that a player could win a head-to-head blackjack game by winning only one out of the five hands, but this will depend on the players’ skills as well as the cards.
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