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Finalists for the Poker Tour final

Games in the Furness district and surrounding areas including The Dalton League, Tour of Furness and Northern Poker Stars.

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Finalists for the Poker Tour final

New postby robbiebox » Mon Sep 12, 2011 9:42 pm

The following players have won seats for the Poker Tour of Furness Final on 7th & 9th Oct :

Alan Hartlebury
Jimmy France (transferred to Jon Seal)
David James
Iain Huitson (x2) (1 seat transferred to Alan Kerr)
Ben Handley
Jamie Salmon
Stu Dorman (transferred to Jon Hudson)
Andy Waite
Simon Huitson
Ian Griffiths
Chris Salmon
Darren Walker
Jon Seal (x2)
Kev Dixon
Ben Kay (transferred to Liam Griffiths)
Liam Crawford
Dave Pearson
Gary Huddleston
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