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You Are the Tournament Director - NPS Rule Book

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You Are the Tournament Director - NPS Rule Book

New postby VBlue » Fri Jan 07, 2011 7:22 pm

Despite a range of poker playing experience, or perhaps in spite of this, players will have a varying understanding of live poker tournament rules. Of course, different venues, different casinos, different tours, all apply rules in different ways. Perhaps surprisingly, some of the bigger names in the UK have a poor reputation for applying rules and for the knowledge of floor managers and dealers.

Here at Northern Poker Stars events I aim to apply consistency, transparency, and fairness in all rulings.

To ensure that I meet both of the first two, I use the widely available Robert's Rules of Poker from HomePokerTourney.com. To ensure that I am fair, I always reserve the following right, as contained within the Rules, under the section Decision Making - 'Managment (me) reserves the right to make decisions in the spirit of fairness, even if a strict interpretation of the rules may indicate a different ruling'. This is only used where appropriate and does not mean that I am overly-lenient or unwilling to apply a slightly unpopular ruling.

I will say one thing to all players, which I hope is to your advantage. Whenever calling over a Tournament Director (TD) for a ruling it is most helpful to assist me in making the correct ruling if a) One person talks to explain the sequence of events and dispute b) anybody else who has something to add does so, whether in the hand or not, but waits their turn to address the TD and c) that all information is given to the TD to assist in the ruling being made.

Following that, I will make the appropriate ruling and explain why, and am happy to show the relevant section of the Rules which support the decision. Once that decision is made I will expect play to continue without further dispute. I will always respectfully listen to all parties involved and do expect all parties to be respectful in accepting the final decision.

I would like to open with a few pertinent rules regarding etiquette and will run some further posts on this thread to share the rules I will be using with the players in advance of our opening tournament in February. Your comments below are welcome.

The following is directly quoted from the Rules and whilst sounding very official are mainly common sense and will be familiar to most who have played live poker

Poker Ettiquette (Selected)

The following actions are improper, and grounds for warning, suspending, or barring a violator

1) Revealing the contents of a live hand in a multihanded pot before the betting is complete.

2) Revealing the contents of a folded hand before the betting is complete. Do not divulge the contents of a hand during a deal even to someone not in the pot, so you do not leave any possibility of the information being transmitted to an active player.

3) Making statement or taking action that could unfairly influence the course of play, whether or not the offender is involved in the pot.

4) Telling anyone to turn a hand faceup at the showdown (where the player 'to show' has not voluntarily done so, it is the job of the dealer to indicate which player is 'to show' and not the players)

Procedures (Selected)

1) Only one person may play a hand.

2) Players must keep their hand in full view. This means above table-level and not past the edge of the table. The cards should not be covered by the hands in a manner to completely conceal them.

3) Any player is entitled to a clear view of an opponent's chips. Higher denominations chips should be easily visible.

4) Looking through the discards or deck stub is not allowed (rabbit-hunting).

5) A non-player may not sit at the table (although they will be permitted to sit behind the field at a reasonable distance)
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