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5 dollar rebuy

New postby muzz100 » Sun Dec 17, 2006 6:27 pm

Right, last nite on noble, I played first my online tourny(bar local ones) for about 3months. It was a 5 dollar rebuy tourny and I think it was the most ive ever actually thought about and analysed a game. 230 odd people and I was determined to sit and try and play solid. I was always placed in the money from the start and 3hrs later I ended in 17th with 26dollars and a few questions that needed answers.
I would describe my style of play verging on aggressive bordering onto reckless. A few situations arose.
1. At the start of the game I was dealt pocket 9's so I raised mid position standard raise. One guy called in position. bearing in mind this player had already rebought and gone all in preflop twice with blinds very low. One of his showdowns was with 5 2. flop came down 10 7 2. I thought thats as good as i can get so I bet around the pot size then he raised me all in. After a little think about it, taking into consideration that I knew he would stick it all in I decided to call. He showed me 7 5 and I took a large pot.

2. After he rebought I was in a similar position with just us 2 involved in a hand. I had again raised early position with J J. He had called. Flop came Q 6 5. I bet again to which he raised all in. I again deliberated and then called on the basis he would have raised me before the flop with A Q. Maybe he could have had K Q but not J Q as I had 2 J’s. Couldn’t see him callin wiv Q rag. Anyway he had two 8’s and I again took the pot.

Im not claiming to be any good and yes both my calls could be considered loose normally however this is my thinking behind it:
I must point out I wouldn’t have called any of you lot as a) know everyone can play and b)don’t think any1 would be that crazy to bet it all so early (actually, maybe a guy from the tally ho, although he was leathered and on his 6th rebuy by then)

I knew this player was very loose and was willing to shove in with nothing
All in bets always seem suspicious to me coz I always use them when im bluffing. If ive got a big hand id be more inclined to bet smaller. I reckon that I would have been more likely to fold a smaller reraise.
It was a rebuy event and some people are less tight early on

I don’t really like rebuys live or online as I think it takes away a lot of the skill factor early doors and gives players too much licence to gamble.
On the flip side though as with last nite if you get some nutters early on a double up in the beginning means you are comfortable and can play solidly from there on in. I have changed my perspective a little on rebuys but id much prefer a freezeout any day.

What do people think about reraises? Say if someone bet 150 into me, I tend to make it about 500 whether im bluffing or not. This is to disguise either the big hand I have or the no hand I have. I just think when people reraise double the bet (300) then this screams big hand because chances are you will get called so you cant bluff with a raise of double the bet anyway. You have to make the opponent pay enough to want to see the next card.
I understand about double reraise coz u want to keep your customer to pay off your big hand though, so this may be a mistake on my part. Obviously this is in general what I do however sometimes you have to mix it up.

3. I must have got A Q about 7 times in the tourney and I have to say it is my least favourite hand now. Only pots I won with it were uncontested and I hit absolutely no flops with it. Was this just a bad nite? What do people think about A Q. I feel it is a borderline reraising hand depending on situation and is a folding hand to a big reraise again depending on the situation.

4. Just a little word on a hand that I thought played well. I had about 12000 after posting blind Was fairly deep into the tourney, blinds were 800 and 1600. Guy called in fairly early position, small blind called and I checked in big blind with A 7 off suit. Flop came down 4 5 6 (two spades), sb checked, I checked, guy in position bet 800. SB called, I called with open ender. King came on the turn. Again sb and I both checked, guy in position bet 800. Again we both called. River came down a 3rd spade. I had missed my straight. First guy checked again so I decide to have a little stab at the pot which had around 10000 in so I bet 3500 (3rd of stack). Both players eventually folded. Reason for the bet was although 3rd guy was the aggressor I felt the two 800 bets were weak and that he would not have betted flop or turn on a spade draw. Similarly he may have expected a call from at least one of us with two spades or an already made straight.. Similar wiv the small blind. He seemed uninterested in the pot from the start and checked on the river so I felt there was a chance to bluff him to. Obviously both players may have had nothing but I was quite pleased the way I spotted the bluffing opportunity and felt the bet size was good therefore making someone fold the best hand.

Bit of an essay like and if anyone can be bothered to read it all I would appreciate comments.
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New postby Snapper » Sun Dec 17, 2006 8:53 pm

Jesus how long it take you to write that :shock:

1. I think against the kind of player your describing your 9's you would be ahead the majority of the time and it was the correct call, and plus it is a rebuy so as you say it does take part of the skill factor out and you always get these kind of idiots rebuying 5-10 times.

2. Same again for your JJ, against the same player and only 1 overcard on the board you are ahead the majority of the time, and i agree this kind of player would of raised with QK AQ etc, so your read on him was correct and based on previous hands i would of never felt in any danger from him.

I think the case of all-in and looking at the first few hands he pushed with would give you pretty much a certain read on him so the majority of the time against this kind of player you can be sure your ahead, just when they slow down a bit is when to be cautious.

I'm not keen on rebuys myself personally, i used to play quite alot of them now but now tend to stick to freezeouts, and if i ever do play a rebuy i always limit myself to say 1 rebuy, when you start going beyond that and your not hitting i tend to believe it's not going to be your night!

3. AQ is once again an overplayed hand, always best to be first to enter the pot with this kind of hand, it is a drawing hand, and one the flop comes down you will miss the majority of the time. I like playing it if i'm first into the pot, i don't see it as a calling hand to enter the pot with, either raise or fold, not a good hand to play against more than 1 or 2 opponents in my personal opinion.

4. Blinds were 800/1600 and he bet out 800 :? if you meant he bet out 1600 then fair enough, it was costing you 3200, 1/4 of your stack to catch 8 outs for your OE and 3 x A, so 11 outs possibly, he was definately weak from the minimum bet, and i would of called myself, and it was a good bet on the river, you sensed the weakness correctly and made the most of the situation, well played!!

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