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New postby PaulRobinson » Wed Dec 20, 2006 8:30 am

Okay guys heres the next one :D

you are in a game 6 handed $1 /$2 No limit and have been playing for about 3 hours

Player 1 (BB) Is very protective of his blinds and has only folded them once against an all-in preflop. chips $90
Player 2 (You) you have played very tight bringing a $100 to the table and now have $198
Player 3 Calls erratically and has contributed $50 to you with your AK beating his A7 suited chips $78
Player 4 Is a mouse only gets involved with premium hands chips $209
Player 5 Very Aggressive and raises the blinds continually whether he has something or not. chips $140
Player 6 (SB) just sat down a couple of hands ago and hasn't yet seen a flop chips $198

Scenario A
So you are under the gun, look down and see Pocket Qs and you bet 3x the blind ($6)

player 3 - calls
player 4 - calls
player 5 - calls
player 6 (SB) raises $12
player 1 (BB) folds

Scenario B

So you are under the gun, look down and see Pocket Qs and you bet 6x the blind ($12)

player 3 - folds
player 4 - Raises ALL IN
player 5 - folds
player 6 (SB) folds
player 1 (BB) folds

Scenario C
So you are under the gun, look down and see Pocket Qs and you ..........
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New postby robbiebox » Wed Dec 20, 2006 7:03 pm

A~ CALL and see the flop (or re-raising small to see where I'm at is also a valid option for me)

B~ FOLD no other choice

C~ LIMP hate early position without a powerhouse hand ( for the reasons faced in A & B above) and the chips are still so deep that I would be looking for trips to get paid off. Might well still bet it post flop depending on the texture of the flop.
"Cash game win big pots , lose lots of small pots" is my style. In a tournament my play would be different probably.
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New postby Wolfy » Thu Dec 21, 2006 2:07 am

A - I too would call and see what the flop brings. but why did player 1 fold? he always protects his blinds and should have called for pot odds, if no A or K comes in the flop you are good, player 6 will act before you and you have to put him on a AK, AA, KK or JJ. everyone else wil act after so so if playes 6 checks I would bet half the pot as long as the flop has no A or K to see where you are at. I would also bet the same if a Q flops.

B - Fold.

C - I would raise at least 3 or 4 X BB to get rid of any Ace rags.
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New postby Snapper » Thu Dec 21, 2006 3:30 pm

A - I would make a small reraise to see where i'm at rather than just a flat call

B- Definately a Fold

C- Either limp or min raise from utg
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New postby Treeny » Fri Feb 02, 2007 5:51 pm

A - Raise to about 60. You probably have the best hand now but you don't want to play this hand multiway.

B - Easy fold.

C - Raise to $8
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New postby Big-Lee » Thu Feb 15, 2007 4:44 pm

A - Limpers are calling with semi-decent hands, maybe bluffing but doubtful, Raiser is holding split high cards maybe K or A with lower J or another Q.
I would re-raise to 30 for a bite, if you get a big bite its an Ace, a smaller bite means K maybe Jacks.

B - Raise :P

C - All-in :twisted:
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